At SAFE, our mission is to drive positive change in the agriculture sector by harnessing the power of TECHNOLOGY and INNOVATION. We are committed to empowering farmers and entrepreneurs with smart solutions, cutting-edge tools, and comprehensive support to cultivate SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES, maximize productivity, and create thriving agricultural ecosystems for a brighter future.


Our visionary outlook at SAFE propels us towards redefining the agricultural landscape. By 2030, we strive to impart Good Agricultural Practices training to 20 MILLION FARMERS, covering 500,000 HECTARES of land under smart and sustainable agricultural practices, positioning ourselves as the epitome of smart agriculture in SOUTHEAST ASIA With an unwavering commitment to inclusivity and empowerment, we aim to cultivate a force of 5 MILLION smart WOMEN farmers and entrepreneurs, igniting sustainable growth and spearheading a transformative era of social and ECONOMIC ADVANCEMENT.